July 2017
Hummel Villányi Hárslevelü 2016 88 points "very good" at Wein-Plus

Marcus Hofschuster at Wein-Plus:

Cloudy straw to golden yellow. Yeasty, clearly nutty and also herbaceous, reminiscent of sage pome fruit fragrance with floral nuances and a little sunflower seeds. Firm and dry in the mouth, quite juicy fruit, stone fruit, pineapple and some melon, elegant acidity, yeasty and light nutty notes, slightly smoky, still very young, good substance and persistence, salt in the background, touchy, fine dusty tannin, peppery and floral nuances, a little iodine, very good finish with resinous and linden-blossom notes.

July 2017
Hummel Villányi Furmint 2016 85 points "very good" at Wein-Plus

Marcus Hofschuster at Wein-Plus:

Herb, clearly vegetal to herbaceous apple scent with a little wine gum and mint. Straightforward, elegantly juicy fruit, delicate yeasty and light nutty notes, herbaceous vegetal and floral notes, lively acidity, slender despite the high alcohol content, fairly persistent, hint of tannin, earthy notes, reminiscent of grape juice, hint of mustard seed and cucumber, good , delicate minty finish.
Until 2019

March 2017
Hummel Villányi Kékfrankos SPATZ 2013 16,5 points at Vinum

"Still very restrained, after aeration cool, dark-berry fruit, then undergrowth, ivy, cedarwood, on the palate quite sparse and constricted, but the good beginnings for a long life are there: ripe, fine-grained tannins, minerality and a demanding acidity."

March 2017
Hummel Villányi Kékfrankos SPATZ 2007 16,5 points at VINUM

"Dark, shiny cherry red, spicy notes on the nose, white pepper, earthy, then ripe cherry fruit, soft on the nose, very firm, rich acidity, good long finish, racy and long.Extremely long.The 2007 Sparrow shows what the 2013er Grandios, if a winemaker remains so loyal to his line. "



13th of February 2017
Hummel Villányi Hárslevelü Góré 2015 92 points "outstanding" at Wein-Plus

Marcus Hofschuster at Wein-Plus:

Cloudy amber-orange. Complex, deep, spicy yellow and spicy nose with aromas of partly candied yellow fruits, tangerines, blood oranges, sage, some tobacco and yellow floral aromas, earthy mineral notes and still noticeable yeast in the background. Firm and yeasty on the palate, prominent yellow spiciness, floral aromas, red oranges, some tobacco and a lot of salt, plenty of very prominent, but tart tannins, persistent, complex and concentrated on the palate, good depth, elegant acidity, some again on Tangerines reminiscent of mandarin, still young, light nutty aromas, very good to long, firm, spicy and mineral finish with slightly astringent tannins. Drinking recommendation: mid-2017 to 2022+.

13th of Februar 2017
Hummel Villányi Hárslevelü BERNSTEIN 2014 91 points "outstanding" at Wein-Plus

Marcus Hofschuster at Wein-Plus:

Deep gold to amber. Yellow spicy and nutty, also slightly dried floral nose, partly dried yellow fruit, hint of caramel and candy, slightly yeasty, vegetal and earthy-mineral notes. Also quite nutty in the mouth, with buttery, yeasty and caramel notes, some preserved citrus fruit, light tobacco aromas on the palate, fairly creamy and warm, floral nuances, candy and mineral notes in the background, some cinnamon-spicy oak notes, quite full-bodied, with air even firmer and deeper, very good to long finish with ripe fruit, spice and grip of friable tannins. Drinking recommendation: mid-2017 to 2023+.

13th of February 2017
Hummel Hárslevelü BERNSTEIN 2015 90 points "outstanding" bei Wein-Plus

Marcus Hofschuster bei Wein-Plus:

Slightly dull gold. Firm, hint of oxidative, light nutty, yeasty and dried-on floral notes, aromas of partly candied and dried yellow fruit, light tobacco, iodine, citrus zests and spicy yellow notes. Very firmly formed, quite juicy fruit with lots of yellow spice, yeast and light nut tones, light floral and tobacco in the background, lively, very elegant acidity, persistent and firm on the palate, prominent mineral notes in the background, touch of mature tannins, some depth, Very good, pronounced nutty finish, again with yeasty notes and salty minerality. Drinking recommendation: end of 2017 to 2023+.

16th of January 2017
Hummel Villányi Tramini 2015 86 points "very good" at Wein Plus

Marcus Hofschuster at Wein Plus:

"2015, Villány-Siklós, Gewürztraminer, Villány Tramini, 9.50 €
White wine, Southern Transdanubia, Hummel Pincészet - Winery Hummel
Clearly floral-scented, also a little herbal-herbal nose after lychee, some citrus fruits and apples. Dry fruit with yeasty, vegetal notes and again clear light floral notes, light acid bite, earthy and salty notes, fairly persistent, quite firm, still young, a little muted, very good, tart finish with light nutty notes and some salt. End of 2017 to 2020+. "

29th of December 2016
Hummel Villányi Portugieser 2015 86 Punkte "very good" at Wein Plus

Marcus Hofschuster Wein Plus:

"2015, Villány-Siklós, Portugieser, dry, DHC Classicus, 8.50 €
Red wine, Southern Transdanubia, Hummel Pincészet - Hummel Winery
Slightly fleshy, earthy and tobacco-like nose, black berries and some sour cherries, some dried vegetal and earthy notes. Clear, polished, straightforward fruit, light bacon, some paprika, dried vegetal notes, light acid bite, fine sandy and still slightly astringent tannins, fairly persistent, earthy notes, hint of nutty notes, good to very good finish. Still needs some time. Mid-2017 to 2021+. "