The meaning of the bumblebees

Estate wine 1 Hummel: Our wines for every day, which are mostly processed and aged reductively; they  are anymating and fruity and express their variety.

Village 1 Hummel: Single vineyard wines that are characterized by their origin (slope, village) and therefore carry the name of the village or slope of origine in their name.

Premium 1 Hummel: Single vineyard wines, expressive wines of high complexity and ageing potantial. All premium wines have their own name (JAMMERTHAL, SPATZ, XEYN, J.M., PANTERRA).

The Trilogie of Basic States of Mind 1 Hummel: extraordinary wines from extraordinary events in the juxtaposition between culture and nature.

The meaning of the abbreviations

VA: alcohol by volume, TE: total extract, RS: residual sugar, A: acid