Hummel Villányi Portugieser 2017 1 Hummel

Forget everything you've ever heard about Portugieser and maybe thought so too. In fact, Portugieser is one of the highest quality central and eastern European red varieties. The fact that you could see it differently in the past, was mainly due to far too high yields and questionable processing. Like any other grape variety under such conditions, Portugieser lost its expressive power and could not bring his format to bear. In reality, it is in its nature and format close to Pinot Noir, which shows especially in aged wines.
The Hummel Winery has been showing for 20 years that Portugieser from Villány with yields of up to 50 hl/ha produces expressive, accessible, complex and harmonious red wines that convey lasting drinking pleasure and enjoyment paired with high aging potential.
Our Hummel Villányi Portugieser 2017 is yet another example of a sophisticated, fruity, juicy, beautifully structured Portugieser, and this already in the basic quality. It owes this format to its excellent slope, the Villányer terroir and the responsible yield of 50 hl/ha.
Alc. by vol. 12,74% - total extract 25,0 g/l - residual sugar 0,7 g/l - acid 4.6 g/l

Hummel Villányi Kékfrankos Nagytótfalu 2012 1 Hummel

2012 was a big year with relatively low yields. The result was strong structured wines with maturation requirements and potential. Accordingly, the Kékfrankos Nagytótfalu 2012 needed time to get into drinking maturity. And it was worth waiting! It shows ripe fruit, firm structure, consistency and freshness. It opens with the usual strong cherry and sour cherry aromas, followed by its distinctive but fine acidity, until the overall picture is framed and supported by an impressively firm tannin structure and minerality. With the Kékfrankos Nagytótfalu 2012, the Villáge level of our Kékfrankos shows that Villány is an excellent terroir for Kékfrankos.
AV 11.48% TE 29.6 g/l RS 1.0 g/l S 5.4 g/l

Hummel Villányi PIROSCHKA 2008 1 Hummel

Kékfrankos 50%, Portuguese 35%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%
Juicy nose of dark berries. Complex with Kékfrankos typical aromatic, underlaid with fine tannins from the Cabernet Sauvignon, rounded off by the mildness of the Portuguese. A complex wine that has time and storage potential.

Hummel Villányi Portugieser Nagytótfalu 2014 1 Hummel

Floral nose with hints of violets. Invigorating, transparent character. Juicy in the attac, silky structure. Burgundian style. In general, Portugieser is very close to Burgundy in structure and character, which increases in maturity. Spiritual, expressive, elegant. Drink from now until at least 2025.
VA 11,57%  GE 31,5 g/l  RZ 0,6 g/l  S 4,9 g/l

Hummel Villányi Merlot 2014 1 Hummel

Bouquet of ripe, juicy fruit. Supple on the palate with a fine, yet firm structure. Fruity, animating, deep, lively.

AV 12.82% TE 28.10 g/l RS 0.70 g/l A 5.10 g/l

Hummel Villányi Merlot Nagyharsány 2013 1 Hummel

3 years in used Burgundy barriques. Profound in the nose. Firm tannin structure with juicy, dark-toned fruit. Structured, full, long, complex.

AV 13.01% TE 26.2 g/l RS 0.8 g/l A 5.5 g/l



Hummel Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon
Nagytótfalu 2010 1 Hummel

Wein-Plus 87 points

2010 is considered a difficult year due to its precipitous, cool weather. In such vintages, wines benefit in particular from barren vineyards with low yields. In the Cabernet Sauvignon Nagytótfalu 2010, the advantages of our practice of green, unfertilized vineyards are reflected in a pleasant way. Due to their low yields, they produce very expressive wines even in difficult years. In the cellar, the Cabernet Sauvignon Nagytótfalu benefited in 2010 from its long barrel maturity, which is reflected in velvety, firm, yet fine tannins, surrounded by ripe fruit and mild invigorating acidity. An exceptional 2010er with maturation potential. From now until at least 2025.
AV 13.04% TE 32.2 g/l RS 1.1 g/l S 4.70 g/l

Hummel Villányi Cabernet Franc 2014 1 Hummel

Hummel Villányi Cabernet Franc 2014 for the first time also in the basic quality as Domaine Wine. 2014 was a relatively cool vintage that produced beautiful primary fruity animating red wines with maturation potential. The Hummel Villányi Cabernet Franc 2014 is the perfect complement to our basic assortment with its freshness, juiciness and ripe fruit. Drinking flow, fine structure, juicy, fruity freshness.

Alc. by vol. 13.07% - total extract 27,6 g/l - residual sugar 0,7 g/l - acid 5.0 g/l

Hummel Villányi Cabernet Franc Nagytótfalu 2013 1 Hummel

Hummel Villányi Cabernet Franc Nagytótfalu 2013 from the vineyard Várerdö in Nagytótfalu is the "Villáge" and the little brother of PANTERRA. 2013 was a very good vintage, which was bottled as a "Villáge" because of its fine, elegant style.   Ripe fruit, clear structure, fine tannins, mineral, persistent, beautiful.
Alc. by vol. 13.64% - total extract 30.01 g/l - residual sugar 1.0 g/l - acid 5.6 g/l

Hummel Villányi Portugieser JAMMERTHAL 2013 1 Hummel

Deep, dark, soft portuguese-typical violet nose. Inviting bouquet. Beautiful balance, finely and firmly structured with melting and fullness, accompanied by pleasant bitterness and lively mild acidity. Animating. 18 months in used Burgundy barriques. Now until min. 2025.
AV 11.90% TE 29.6 g/l RS 0.7 g/l S 4.4 g/l

Marcus Hofschuster Wein-Plus Backstage:
"It's still far too rare for a Portuguese to show what the variety really is capable for, but Hummel's Jammerthal shows it: almost, polished, cool, dry and mineral, incredibly appetizing in his youth, but also good for many years of maturity."

Hummel Villányi Kékfrankos SPATZ 2013 1 Hummel

Cherry and graphite, the DNA of the Kékfrankos, already in the nose. Ripe cherry fruit and refreshing, mild acidity on the palate. Creamy caracter with firm, consistent structure. Great play of warmth and cool. Poignant. 18 months in used Burgundy barriques. Now until ∞.
AV 14.00% TE 31.3 g/l RS 1.3 g/l A 5.3 g/l

Hummel Villányi Kékfrankos SPATZ 2011 1 Hummel

Mature, fruity nose. Ripe, juicy fruit on the palate. Fine, lively acidity, firm, silky tannin structure, invigorating minerality. Long, consistent, supple.

VA 12.67% GE 30.2 g/l RZ 0.4 g/l S 5.7 g/l

Marcus Hofschuster, Wein Plus
June 5, 2014
"Fine, slightly sourishacidic aroma of cherries and mixed berries with hints of red pepper, some pepper, tobacco and moderate oaky notes, clear, cool and juicy in the mouth, fresh fruit with bite, very fine tannins, persistent on the palate, light vegetal notes and peppery nuances, harmonious and very refreshing, highly elegant style, has strength and lightness at the same time, mineral notes in the background, still young, very good, cool and elegantly juicy finish with a fine bite.
Drinking recommendation: Until 2020+ "

Hummel Villányi Kékfrankos SPATZ 2007 1 Hummel

Mature dark-colored nose with hints of iron. Juicy fruit, pithy tannins, invigorating coolness, firm, supple structure. Vital acid. Great future. 7 years in used Burgundy barriques. Now until min. 2025th
VA 12.77% GE 27.6 g/l RZ 1.1 g/l S 5.8 g/l

Hummel Villányi Merlot XEYN 2012 1 Hummel

Dark-toned, clear nose. Attack of ripe fruit and exposed acid. Sounding tannin, clinking structure. Demanding tension. A wine of pleasant cooling heat. For eternity. 30 months in used Burgundy barriques. Now until?
VA 14.38% GE 30.3 g / l RZ 1.5 g / l S 6.4 g / l

Marcus Hofschuster Wine-Plus Backstage:
"Very firm and polished, very juicy, tobacco, deep and grippy and astonishingly elegant in spite of all its strength, it also convinces Merlot haters."

Hummel Villányi Cabernet Franc PANTERRA 2012 1 Hummel

Vibrant nose of ripe, dark fruit. Graphite. Juicy, silky bouquet as a harbinger for a trained body with fullness and tension. Solid, clear structure. Ripe, robust tannins. Deep, complex, great tension, generous, fine. 30 months in used Burgundy barriques. Now up?
VA 13.36% GE 28.3 g/l RZ 1.0 g/l S 5.6 g/l

AV: alcohol by volume, TE: total extract, RS: resedual sugar, A: acid