Hummel Kékfrankos Schiller 2016

That Schiller in Hungary is a wine, which is located between a rosé and a red wine, has been said here often enough. After a break of a few years, I decided to focus more on Schiller in the future. Schiller already has the seriousness of a red wine, but is still playful, invigorating and refreshing like a Rosé. It is a reliable, charming friend with whom we like to go through the whole year at the right moments. It was unfiltered and unfined to preserve his charming appearance. It has got beautiful cherry and sour cherry aromas, a fine, firm structure and is enlivened by its delicate acidity, wrapped in ripe fruit.
VA 12.05% GE 19.7 g / L RZ 0.53 g / L S 5.20 g / L

AV: alcoho by volume, TE: total extrakt, RS: residual sugar, A: acid