Hummel Villányi Tramini Gewürztraminer 2015 1 Hummel

Delicate hints of rose water in the bouquet. Ripe, juicy fruit. Creamy appearance. Mild acidity and fine mineral structure create balance and harmony.AV 13.45% TE 21.3 g/l RS 1.3 g/l A 4.7 g/l



Hummel Villányi Hárslevelü BERNSTEIN 2015 1 Hummel

5 days fermentation on the skin. 7 months sur lie in used Burgundy Barriques. Bottled unfined, unfiltered with 35 mg/l sulphur. Warm fruity nose, creamy appearance with aromas of ripe apricot, honey and linden tea. Dense structure, juicy, animating character. Beautiful balance and harmony.

AV 12,85% TE 23,2 g/l RS 3,4 g/l A 4,1 g/l

Hummel Villányi Hárslevelü Góré 2015 1 Hummel

Góré in Hungary is the corn barn, but also means as much as boss. Rank and color have made its name. Spontaneous fermentation on the skin, without addition of sulphur, unfined, unfiltered. The fourth color in wine: orange. And the first Villányi orange wine. Hárslevelu shouts for skin contact because of its pronounced phenolic structure. We have heard the call.

About the wine: Juicy, structured, deep, complex, exciting. The skin fermentation delivers form and structure, the juicy fruit dresses the structure elegantly. Mild, animating acid serves lively tension. An independent wine, animating, calm, self-assured, beautiful.

VA 12.7% GE 22.5 g / l RZ 2.5 g / l S 4.5 g / l

Hummel Villányi Furmint 2016 1 Hummel

The nicest things are often the things that should not happen. Such a thing is a Furmint from Villány. According to Hungarian understanding, and who knows what else from Furmint, Furmint is the significant grape variety from Tokaj, where together with the Hárslevelü it is processed to the fascinating Aszu wines and now also to great dry wines. And then maybe Furmint may come from Somló. But from Villány? Well, reality is usually a bit more complex than the idea one has of it. And so it is with the Furmint, especially with the Furmint in Villány. In fact, Furmint was widespread until the Phylloxeraplage end of the 19th century in the Villány-Sikloser wine region and was only then replaced by Olaszrizling and other varieties grown to this day. The reasons are in the dark. Since the Swabians had their hands on the game, one can not rule out that pragmatic reasons were the deciding factor and not necessarily the ability of the grape variety to turn the Villány Terroir into beauty. Well, who knows. After a long search, I was finally able to buy the Furmint grapes in 2016 from a small vineyard in Siklos, which gave me great pleasure. This was retained throughout the whole process of vinification of the Furmint 2016. There was, from my point of view, not a moment's doubt that Villány is predestinated for Furmint. We will see. Anyway, it's in the bottle now. Since the grapes were harvested with relatively much Botrytis and I wanted to save its invigorating malic acid, the wine was conventionally processed: reductive with fining and filtration. The wine is full-bodied and creamy, has a fine structure, with delicate mellifluousness, invigorating acidity and lovely play, supported by ripe fruit.

VA 14.14% TE 23.9 g/l RS 1.6 g/l A 6.40 g/l

AV: alcoho by volume, TE: total extrakt, RS: residual sugar, A: acid