Despair - Verzweiflung

Despair came to my mind when, in the summer of 2009, my Merlot vineyard in the Nagyharsányi Várerdö (castle forest) from which usually the XEYN derives, was hit twice by a hailstorm, with the result that instead of about 3.5 tons of grapes for about 2000 l of wine, 1 t of grapes for about 680 l of wine was harvested. This wine was aged in Burgundy barrique barrels for 54 months since winter 2009. From him arose the wine called VERZWEIFLUNG – DESPAIR of whichabout 900 bottles got bottled.

Hummel Villány Merlot VERZWEIFLUNG 2009 1 Hummel

Dark shudder fills the palate, triggered by ripe fruit, paired with firm structure and velvety fullness, while goose bumps run over taste buds, that come to rest facing the beauty that has rosen of the natural violence that has been causing the wine. Pure despair, aged 54 months in barrel.

VA 15.31% TE 35.50 g/l RS 2.30 g/l A 6.4 g/l